Knowing When to Call it a Night

bitmoji-802778330When we are on this journey to staying sober – sometimes we go into overdrive because we find this new energy and we GO (and go and go)…

But today – after we finished moving my daughter in – the energy left me. I felt the drain and perhaps it’s because this has been so emotional leading up to the move.

It didn’t come easy (her applications for the first two apartments were refusedand just waiting to hear about this one and FINALLY getting her out of that bad living situation she was in into something brither and healthier). There were many stressful moments. BUT – I dealt with all of it 100% SOBER because I’m on day 22 of my 100 day challenge and can’t even think of messing it up.

There were many opportunities presented with/surrounding alcohol and perhaps the only time I had a bit of a twinge was at the end of the very long day yesterday – we went to a busy restaurant and my partner’s tall cold glass of beer looked good … but I ordered my Club Soda with Lemon and felt great for doing so.

So as we launch into the fourth week of this 100 Day Challenge – my goals are being tweaked a bit… YES to continued concentration on self-care and getting enough rest/sleep (so as soon as I post this I’m going for my bath – may body is ACHING from all the physical work over the past two days).

For February 1st – I’m going to start a challenge for myself to cut out chocolate and chips for the month and I am sure it will be hard given it’s Valentine’s month and there’s plenty of treats but I want to reach 150Ville and I am only 4lbs away – and that will mark my 40 lbs lost milestone! I made time this weekend to cook some healthy stuff (really getting back into the groove of cooking – something I dreaded or avoided when I was into the daily drinking).

I know the scale is not the only measure of success – but it’s been steadily moving – my stats… be it my measurements, my skin’s glow, my energy and my weight… all going in the right direction thanks to this challenge of losing the booze (which at this point feels like a no brainer thanks to that book The Naked Mind – that I’m reading about a chapter a day).

So here’s to a fresh new week starting tomorrow! Here’s to a restful and peaceful sleep tonight knowing I have setup my daughters as best I can. Here’s to a guilt free conscience because I am sticking to my goals!!

Have a great night everyone!!

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