Living Life FULLY

I can’t tell you how amazing I am feeling right now – seeing that I’m so close to hitting 40 days (day 39 today)… I honestly can’t remember ever having this many AF (alcohol free) days. Maybe during my last pregnancy which was almost 16 years ago?!

I’m truly finding so much joy in spending time with like minded people – focused on health rather than being social with those who revolve their activities around drinking. What a difference! And my own health goals are finally moving forward in a consistent manner now that I am not undoing all the good with nights off with drinks.

My time is now filled with personal development, exercise, making to do lists and actually getting to them – less procrastinating for sure. Just started reading the book I found while cleaning my car… and I have a goal to read at least one book per month if not more. I also listen to podcasts on my commute into work to and find it really sets the tone for a great day!


There are so many things to do BESIDES drinking – there’s actually no time to be bored if you really set your mind to accepting the change. While my goal is for now to simply reach 100 days and then re-evaluate – we’ll see how I feel about alcohol by then. I can tell you that right now – I don’t know if having that drink is worth it in comparison to how much more positive and happy I feel – and PROUD too!

I struggled for a long time to go beyond 30 days (heck at times reaching 30 days seemed impossible). I never thought I could do the 100 days (tried a few years ago if you go in the archives and read my older blogs you’ll see). But now I BELIEVE I can do this!

I even posted a video to the HAMS group on Facebook sharing how I felt and wanting to share my experience in the hopes of inspiring or perhaps encouraging others. It was out of my comfort zone – but honestly – that’s how we grow.

The group I gathered with yesterday (that’s me in the grey sweatshirt and blond hair) – my ego kept telling me I didn’t fit in or measure up – but I told it to SHUT UP! I do so fit in and I will be as successful as they are representing the 45+ age group (they are all so much younger than me). Honestly the energy from our gathering was amazing! I feel truly blessed to be part of the council and able to help with our local activities!


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