Living Out of My Comfort Zone – SOBER

12So day 41 here AF … and I have to say it’s been great, but I also have to be honest and say that there have been many moments where I’m totally out of my comfort zone but continue to push through because I know that’s how I will grow.

The venture I’m on – as a coach and joining with a team of like minded people who are more advanced in the business than I am left me feeling like perhaps I didn’t fit in – or didn’t belong there – but I SHUT that voice up … and continue to do so, because while I may not have some of what they have – I do have my own skills and talents to share and contribute. And I have more life experience as I’m the oldest one in this group.

I continue to put myself out there while some may shy away for fear that someone may discover more about them that they care to share. In my view, by sharing what I’m going through – if it can help someone else out there that might be feeling the same way – then that’s what I’m after! I truly believe that each of us have gifts to contribute and mine is my passion for helping others live their healthiest life… but this first meant that I had to be the example.

For years I have been wishing, wanting to do this. But it was half-assed (pardon the language) -because I wasn’t walking the talk CONSISTENTLY. Thus my reason for this break up with alcohol for 100 days – to really gain the clarity on my true desires and to go after my dreams!

One can’t do that by sitting their butts on the couch in front of a TV watching stories of other people living their lives, or get sucked into those series of crime shows (which I really do love but have avoided)… and drinking booze and just zoning out of life.

In order to move forward – I really had to do this once and for all – and as I’ve said before, if you go back in my archives – I have been trying to do this for years (only started blogging about it about 3 years ago).

Now is MY time to do this. NOW is the time to keep pushing my limits and step outside of my comfort zone to keep growing… SOBER!

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