Lose ‘Da Booze – The Other Way

Welcome to the new website dedicated to the Lose ‘Da Booze challenges and support! It’s also where I blog about my own experience from time to time (you’ll note the blogs on the left side column dating back to 2013).

For starters – we began a 100 Day Challenge through Facebook which started on January 1st, 2017, but is a group that will be ongoing indefinitely for anyone wishing to change their relationship with alcohol. This is a group focused on being AF (alcohol free). Lose ‘Da Booze The Other Way – Where Better is Better is a secret group and you may not see it. We did this for reasons of privacy and to created a safe space for all to be able to share about their journey. To join now, you need to message me via my┬ámy Facebook profile and add me as a friend (because only friends of current members can be added to the group).

We run occasional challenges in this FREE group and I also offer more intensive one on one Sober Coaching via exclusive smaller groups including TWO one on one calls, daily accountability and check in, unlimited messaging via messenger with me, extras such as resources geared to the group, live videos, and a group that is small enough and focused enough to give you that added support when you need it. To sign up or get more info, message me via email at info@losedabooze.com or via Facebook.