Making a Plan – Day 140

Getting back to my AF mode is harder this time… There are some stressors re-surfacing in my life that impacted my habits and brought me to this journey of losing ‘da booze as I found it was becoming too frequently my go to for coping.

I’m feeling the slip happening again and it doesn’t feel good. So I’m making a NEW plan to recommit and launch back into another long AF streak. I’m not saying how long just yet – however I do know that this has to happen before I undo all the gains I’ve made. I have to keep reminding myself that what once was doesn’t have to BE again.

I am going to keep repeating this statement to myself … I can make my future better and brighter by eliminating the things that don’t fit in line with my dreams and goals. I will follow my gutt and make the changes that need to happen to get back on track! It’s time to better my stats… It’s time to Lose ‘da Booze again! And maybe up for consideration (still a scary thought) … perhaps for good!

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