Moments of Clarity

I was taking my walk along the river tonight and as always, was reflecting and flashes of sober memories came back to me – from years ago and the feeling of how good it was to have ‘good times’ without it revolving around alcohol. These moments of clarity make me realize just how much I was washing out such good memories with the drunken haze of the booze. 

I don’t know if more memories will come back, but I do hope that while I’m sober my memory will improve. Gone are those days when I pass out and don’t remember half the night. Such a waste.

There’s just so much life to live and so many great things to do – that spending time debating the whole drinking issue simply should not have any place in my life – for now for this 100 day challenge, but as I’ll keep repeating – perhaps for good! As I read about those who decided to have a drink the night before and how the next day they feel shitty – well I was tempted by wolfie last night but didn’t cave and feel pretty great about that!

I had an extremely productive day at work – getting the tasks done that I always procrastinate over and it felt great to get it done! The same is happening at home. With all the extra time, well there’s so much I want to do and explore, even sober I find the days flying by and that’s a good thing… because at least now they are not flying by me in a booze ridden haze. I will remember these moments clearly and this blog will allow me to come back and reflect as I continue this ride in the sober car. 


So that moment I had with Wolfie yesterday – that little crack… it’s filled up today and I didn’t fall apart! I’m going strong, one quarter of the way to 100 days!!


5 thoughts on “Moments of Clarity

  1. Elle says:

    You found the perfect saying to go along with your blog!

  2. Lilly says:


    I’ve been reading and meaning to comment to say I’m so sorry about all the stress you’ve been having with your drama but it’s wonderful that you aren’t turning to booze to help. We all know it wouldn’t really help – it would, in fact, make things worse – but it can be super hard to remember that at those times.

    Big props to you – you’re doing great.

    Lilly x

  3. bizi says:

    just perfect! well done!
    congratulations on your success! rooting for you all the way!

  4. Very groovy 🙂

    Lots of wasted days, nights, money, time, emotions, etc. when i drank. Ugh. Nice to be able to recoup and build on some new, sober, great memories. Bad times will jump in too, but we are present to those as well and move through them and grow.

    Great post 🙂


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