More Time for ME


Day 3 AF and today was a ME day … with freezing rain I couldn’t go out so I spent the day doing stuff I usually procrastinate about. Organized myself for the work week ahead. Cooked for my lunches. Worked out. Read. Pampered myself with a bath, foot treatment and then did stuff I should do every night – but didn’t when I drank because I would just crash (so my night time routine – face cleansing, brush/floss teeth). It’s all good. I’m enjoying the ME sober time. This is my HIGH – having time to myself, listening to music, and puttering around with no one expecting anything from me…

Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my guy friend and he usually drinks one beer so I’ll ask if he can skip it so as to not tempt me this early in the game. Cause when he drinks it and then kisses me – well it’s not good lol.

Turning in early so a short post tonight. I want to get my 7 hours of sleep in. Cheers!

One thought on “More Time for ME

  1. Cheryl Edwards says:

    I,m doing my af too. because of the amount I was drinking, I have a half a beer in afternoon, the other ,later. So far, so good. we were wasted on NYsEve. Felt like crap on NYday. Hubby too!
    Good for you!

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