My Focus Shift – Day 11

I decided it was time to change my Facebook ‘like’ page image to better reflect what it is I am now most passionate about. Today I listened to a podcast from Tony Robbins and something really rang true and stood out and it was about how at any time in our lives we can change our story. If you want to have a listen here’s the link: The 3 steps to a breakthrough | How taking control of your strategy, story and state can fuel lasting change

That’s what I’m doing every day – by not drinking and shifting my focus on activities that matter. My days are so busy that by days end – I have no energy left for cravings and simply feel totally satisfied with having had a productive and positive day. The group and all the successes being shared there really give me so much joy. And even when someone is struggling – to see how members reach out and support each other – it’s truly magical.

I received many great messages today that made me feel grateful…

  1. I received a message about a job offer with the government – asking if I’d be interested in applying as my profile stood out for them (this via LinkedIn) – talk about a nice confidence boost … but I truly LOVE where I am now and the flexibility I am able to have to manage all of my daughter’s appointments and also to just be able to be a part of the wonderful organization
  2. I received feedback about the September Health Bet from a few people saying  how great it was in motivating them… which is another true passion of mine. Not only do I work with a team that is all about healthy active living – I too feel it’s something I want to inspire others to achieve as I myself walk the talk
  3. I am now receiving benefits through my fiance’s plan and this means that my daughter’s orthodontics will be covered through both our plans so lessening some of the financial burden.
  4. My guy really is so great at taking care of me – he even purchased some rims and winter tires for my new Jeep so I can be safe on the roads for our winter driving.

This blog may not be too long or too deep – I’m tired in a good way – managed to get 90mins of activity in but wanted to keep up with my gratitude journal … and now I say … good night! 

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