My One Year Experiment

There are 10 days to end this experiment which started on August 12, 2018. While I didn’t make the full year 100% AF – I did achieve a goal of over 300 days and in my books that’s a WIN!!

Today is my first day back on track following a week away at a cottage rental. I’ve been off work since June 17th due to surgery and I’m ready to get back to my health goals in every way.

Having allowed myself drinks again – I’m posting/sharing what that has also allowed back in … including unhealthy eats, weight gain, recurring headaches, heartburn/stomach issues, night sweats, anxiety, elevated stress and just a general unwell feeling.

I posted in my group today to ask about what positives one notices when they don’t drink and the list is opposite of everything above really! Here’s an example post from one of my members on the benefits of NOT drinking:

Feelings of being Content, Happy, Calm, Enthused, Clean, Fresh, Energized, Optimistic, Fit, Healthy, Joyful and the list/observations could go on.

I’m ready to get back to my HEALTHY self and with my 53rd birthday just ahead in September – I plan on continuing the journey to improve my relationship with booze – to a point where perhaps it will just be edged out of my life completely. For now I’m very happy to report an over 87% AF year through this experiment!

Follow me on Facebook for an upcoming Sober Companion program being launched September 1st – if you feel you need extra support to get to realize how life can change for you when you #LoseDaBooze.

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