Never Give Up

Screenshot_2016-09-08-07-45-20.pngHow ironic that this quote came up when I re-opened the App “Never give up, for that is just the place and time where the tide will turn”… I caved in with my partner yesterday – because I have been feeling so out of sorts with the move and trying to re-settle and re-identify with my ‘NEW’ life.

Today I go to a therapy session which I hope will help me in making this transition … to find some balance again and have some direction on next steps. So here we go again … Day 1.

0 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Lisa Neumann says:

    If only you saw how beautiful you. You’d never drink again. Hang in there. You are so loved. ♥ L.

    • losedabooze says:

      Thank you Lisa… and I’m trying again to at least go for a 50 day stretch to get this view and see that I don’t need alcohol in my life anymore. I had a helpful session last night and I’m going for another one on the 21st as part of my ‘soul re-structuring’ in the hopes of finally breaking this cycle. I so appreciate YOU!

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