New Challenge Group – May 1st!

designFollowing this current 100 Day Challenge (well for me 102 days)… I am planning on launching a second separate group for those who wish to have 300 or more days AF in a one year period!

To join this group – you must FIRST complete the 100 Day challenge (as I believe that’s the game changer to re-setting your mindset around alcohol). The 100 Day Challenge group will continue indefinitely and I will be there to support everyone who decides to join and cheer you along the way!

This new group is for those who have completed their 100 days, and still want to maintain mostly AF days, but allow for some special occasions and dates where you allow yourself¬†‘da drink. BUT never going back to old patterns… (if you sense you’re slipping back then I recommend going back to the 100 Day Challenge group).

Everyone has their own take/opinion on this – and when I set out to Lose ‘da Booze – my intention was truly to lose the HOLD that alcohol had on me. While I know for some it’s just easier to say NO for good… that’s not how I wish for this to play out.

I want a balanced life. I want to be able to have drinks when I want and have the take it or leave it attitude. That being said, I of course intend to NEVER go back to the patterns I was in before of the daily drinking or having one day turn into many days!

I’ve been feeling so great and I have tons of health goals I want to achieve and having ‘da booze on a regular basis just won’t allow that to happen – so I’m making a conscious choice… to continue on this positive path… complete my 2nd 100 Day Challenge… enjoy my trip to Hawaii (and including some AF days there too)… and come back refreshed and ready to tackle more goals!

The other point I’d like to mention is that my work will be reduced to 4 days per week… and I’m honestly looking to build upon what I hope will be a community and be a resource to those who need guidance. I also want to disclaim – I am NOT a professional coach and if someone has a serious issue with alcohol addiction – you may need to seek professional help… but I do want to make myself available for more one on one coaching through those tough moments some may experience. Now my business coach said I needed to start ‘charging’ for my services because I need to value what I do and the hours I spend out of my personal time to keep these groups going. While I concur – I also don’t want this to be viewed as you must pay to get the help and guidance either… so what I am setting up for now is the option of a gratitude tip.

I mention it on my website under my services (Lose ‘Da Booze Support)¬†… and if you feel inspired and want to express your gratitude… you can click on the Gratitude Jar. There is NO obligation for this nor is there any expectation on my part… I LOVE what I’m doing and for me the payment lies in hearing the positive feedback about how lives are improving and changing. To me – that’s the ultimate and priceless pay off!

First and foremost – I will always be about being of service to others… and I can’t wait to continue on this journey!! The NEW group will be launched upon my return from Hawaii… so stay tuned for details! In the meantime – if you are ready to take the 100 Day challenge – just click on the link above and join us!

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