Next Goal – 21 Days

I made it through the first week and 10 days… focusing now on the 21 day target (they say it takes 21 days to change or form a new habit)…

I’ve made it through 2 weekends without any booze. And now I’m dealing with some homefront stuff – my bf reacting to stuff my ‘teen’ daughter is doing to irritate him (we just moved in with him Aug 27th and I knew there would be an adjustment period and it wouldn’t be easy). The challenge will be to deal with this SOBER and not use booze to numb out or dull the issue. It is what it is. We are communication and we both want to make this work – so hopefully that will be enough.

He continues to drink ¬†around me and I don’t mind. He did skip yesterday so maybe he’ll cut back a bit too (although his drinking was never an issue and he only started about 10 years ago – never having drank before the age of 40 or so).

I’m setting up goals about 10 days at a time – so I may add one at the 40 day mark – recognizing that my largest stretch was in the low 30’s somewhere – so hitting 40 days will be great! And then the ultimate END goal of 50 days – at which point I will re-evaluate what I want to do with this relationship with alcohol…

If I want to stay sober mostly – with very occasional drinks for certain occasions. If I want to attempt moderation – 1 to 2 days a week (Fri/Sat) drinks. I guess we’ll see where I’m at with my health goals (as I am striving to lose weight too).

It’s a matter of what do I want most…


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  1. losedabooze says:

    I never knew about it – but if you search aps for sober tools – you may find a similar one. I am finding it inspiring!

  2. Yeah there are a whole bunch of them, some you even have to pay for.

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