No More Wasted Days

So today was a wash out for me – too hungover to do anything but rest and recoup… I’m happy to say this is the last time I do this to myself!! So many wasted hours and days and opportunities missed because I was feeling too shitty to do anything. No more!

It was a rainy/gray day and I spent it in my pjs – binge watching Netflix/Crave TV. I didn’t feel up to going out for my dinner at my favorite restaurant. So we spent the day here – my fiance and daughter – hanging out and I’ll be in bed early.

I am hoping that I will have a good night’s rest and start back tomorrow morning with my workout to kick off the day! For tonight – maybe just a nice foot soak and a piece of yummy chocolate cake that my daughter made for me.

I’m looking forward to being over the first few days of getting back to being AF… to start feeling better. It’s great to not have to even consider when that next drink will be… it’s just not going to happen for a FULL year … and perhaps more.

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