November to Remember Special Offer

Since jumping back on board for Sober September and I’m still on course for finishing up this year AF with a total of 309 Days AF in 2019.

As a Certified Wellness360 Coach, I realize the importance of support to achieving your goals. I continue to provide guidance and inspiration to my FREE groups, but for November launching a special offer and it’s time limited and I’m only accepting a maximum of 10 people for this group.

Sometimes you need more than what the free groups can offer and here’s what I’m offering for a price that is LESS than you’d likely spend on booze in a month. For $50 USD – I will provide those who sign up with one on one support for the 30 days in November. But even before that, I’ll connect to get us set up for success (so before November 1st). I will provide DAILY check ins via personal messages and interactions. I will also include a ONE hour coaching call and work with the CORE coaching method to help you reach your goal!

So if you need that extra oumph to get you going. If you feel like you’ve been trying without success and need some guidance, I’m your person! I’ve been at this since 2013 and I have 6 strong years of experience and have lived what you are likely living right now. If you feel frustrated and want to get going to Lose ‘da Booze and WIN in life then connect with me! Send me a contact request or connect with me via messaging on FB. Let’s get you on the road to living the freedom that comes when you #LoseDaBooze

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