Physical Symptoms of Too Much Drinking

I finally got an AF day in yesterday. I have to remind myself of all that my body goes through when I drink too much… The heartburn, the aches/pains, the swelling, the discomfort in my stomach, the bloating, the lack of energy or motivation to get things done, the irritability and anxiety, restlessness that comes when the body craves the drink after too many days of drinking…

I know it will take a bit of time for my body to detox (yet again). I didn’t sleep well and the aches and pains – I feel like an old arthritic woman this morning. NOT GOOD. I know some of the symptoms come not eating well, not exercising – all a result of having drinks because I don’t feel like doing any of that and crave unhealthy stuff when I’m in drink mode.

I know that no matter whether I drink or don’t drink – my life is what it is (as I write this dealing with the issue of my kids’ school refusal yet again and major friggen potty mouth stinking FUCKEN attitude). I know this is what sometimes drives me over the edge to drinking but seriously – it doesn’t help. It only adds to my shitty feelings.

I’m not going to let them ruin my day. I’m going to go to work and be productive. I’m going to attend her counseling session tonight and continue to work on resolving issues. I’m going to go visit my friend tonight and escape for a few hours and forget who I am … and live in the fantasy stuff we have fun with : )

Now I’m taking off for work early as my efforts to work from home to make sure my kids go to school is all for NOT this morning. Well I think my oldest is going – but who fucken knows and I’m seriously ready to just say FUCK it all with them! Such BULLSHIT!!

5 thoughts on “Physical Symptoms of Too Much Drinking

  1. Elle says:

    Take care of yourself and enjoy tonight 😉

  2. bizi says:

    How I am sorry that your girls are so disrespectful of you.
    *have fun tonight!

  3. Lisa Neumann says:

    this one made me laugh and cry … I remember being AF (6 months-ish) and looking at my kids with the exact same feeling … it was like “holy-sh*t is this as good as it gets? are you kidding me? if this is as good as it gets I’m done with this sober thing” I don’t remember how I got through it but I know I didn’t drink … IMO: follow you tag line on your header today. It’s a great mantra.

    Sending over some love and courage. You are loved.

    • losedabooze says:

      Thanks Lisa – I do have to remind myself of the WHY behind NOT drinking … as much as I sometimes want to drown out all the other ‘shitty’ things I’m dealing with. I am looking forward to being somewhere ‘over there’ having gotten through all of this.

  4. thirstystill says:

    Great going for getting that hard first day in! I realized it’s so easy to forget how crap it feels to drink too much, what will all the romantic images around. So thanks for the reminder even though (of course) I’m sorry you’re feeling rough. But soon the detox part will be done and you’ll feel sooooo much better! Good luck with the challenges today. Here’s rooting for you!!!

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