Pioneering my Future



I should post this one in the kitchen, on my mirrors, wherever I may be tempted to revert to old patterns. I honestly want a different future and reading some blogs today about those who have had months or years of sobriety gives me hope. 

My battle remains about whether I want or can quit for good – but the idea of living a better life is my ultimate goal. 



I know I can change – but I also know it’s going to take time and sometimes some failures (as I am back at day 2 today). I guess the important thing is to continue to be accountable and to keep coming here – if for nothing else than to gain strength from the words of others in the sober blogging world. 

As I wrap up this day – I observe some of what I went through today. Not as much of a ‘high’ feeling as I had yesterday. The voices came calling this afternoon, but I had a bite to eat (was hungry) and then got busy and they faded. Now almost bed time for me and I am feeling hungry again – I guess the coping of eating to get my ‘fill’ of something I feel is missing. I tried to snack on healthy things but removed myself from downstairs and in my room now, blogging and then will call it a day/night.

Big day tomorrow as I meet with the lawyer about the support issues. 10 years is a long time to let it ride and I know that this will bring up some ‘shit’ and maybe even cost me more than I can afford, but it’s something that must be done. I hope to stay strong after the meeting to get my day 3 in.

I am also thinking of the decluttering and wonder about things like old photo albums with exes and even pictures that perhaps give me memories that I should leave in the past. I honestly am not sure if hanging on to those perhaps is my grasp of holding on to the past. I figure maybe if I want to make real changes, as I prepare for this move, that I don’t move anything into the new place that reminds me of that negative past… It’s a BIG task but one that will be cleansing I imagine. It’s all work to prepare for my NEW future and NEW beginnings. 

Hope to stay strong to keep my AF streak going. Wish me DETERMINATION (because as someone pointed out – it has nothing to do with luck but sheer WILL). 

One thought on “Pioneering my Future

  1. eacarrington2 says:

    I went thru my old bag full of old love letters and threw them away, very cathartic and cleansing. I did have to read half of them first though. got rid of old books that I did not want to keep. good to clear our what doesn’t sing to you anymore.

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