Well it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here… The whole issue about to drink or not drink is not my priority so much anymore as there are far more serious issues occupying my mind… that of caring for a teen girl who is going through many difficult things (school avoidance, self-harm, bullying at school, problems with the law). It’s amazing how your perspective changes when other life events come into play.

This is not about ME. As a single mom – it’s all about trying to raise my two teen girls as best I can and I have to say it has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced. I raised my step-daughter – saw her through grade 9 to grade 12 but NEVER did I have to deal with all I’m handling now.

Last night was MAJOR in that my kid was caught shoplifting. I knew she was doing it and talked to her about it but she fluffed it off and said “I won’t get caught” but she did. And now I’m informed that I will be sued for the incident – for the products and the time it took for their staff to have to deal with the matter. I will have to research the internet and figure out a way to lower the costs (I am dreading the letter now) – but as with all things I will get through this.

I am 17 days away from my ‘getaway’ to Barbados and worried… but also unwilling to give this up. I NEED this vacation. I have been dealing with drama from my now 13 year old daughter for a year. I am tired. I am drained. Yes I drink still – but not excessively and I’m still maintaining many healthy habits to have balance in my life.

Booze is not the focus of my life anymore. Right now it’s survival mode. Life keeps bringing me challenges and I keep standing up to them. I’m not perfect but I’m doing this…

Losedabooze will not let anything bring her down! I am looking at my life with┬álong term outlook like in companies who do strategic planning… a FIVE year plan… This too shall pass… Image

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  1. elle says:

    You are strong. I hope this too shall pass quickly for you. Hugs.

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