Reality Check – Day 1 (Again)


I need to get back to business here … and admit that my daily drinking routine has to STOP. The goals that I have been striving for (losing weight) are slipping away and I see it affecting my life in other ways too. While I have said many times that I can’t fathom swearing off ‘da booze for good – I do need to swear it off in order to focus on achieving some life goals. My last booze free day was March 31st.

My weight is up to an all time high (I haven’t been this high since my pregnancies) and it’s not a good feeling.

I need to focus on that which I want and recognize that I can’t start ‘tomorrow’ because that day never comes. It starts with making ONE small change at a time – and for now my focus is simply on cutting out the booze again out of my daily diet.

My life is good and I don’t want to self-sabotage anymore. I need to get a grip and as my profile says – I want to be in control and not have alcohol be in control. It starts now… I want to conquer this once and for all!

2 thoughts on “Reality Check – Day 1 (Again)

  1. I feel the same way about the weight issue. I could stand to lose some as well. But for me, right now the main priority has to be my sobriety. I figure the weight issue will take care of itself (hopefully!) once I am off the booze for a while, but I can’t focus on too many things at one time. Once I get a handle on being sober, then I may have energy to focus on losing weight. One thing at a time, one day at a time, just take care of yourself the best you can. Hugs.

  2. losedabooze says:

    It’s a vicious cycle for me – the booze, the weight gain… and I know if I focus on more AF days, I’ll eventually lose the weight as I look to do other things than drink (like maybe workout and be healthier overall). Thanks for your supportive comments. It’s nice to see I’m not alone.

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