Another Challenging Day


I’m sitting here at the end of a very full day. It was quite productive and I see progress – the house is getting emptied out nicely and things are getting organized at the new place as I go along.

I did have more thoughts about having a drink – or letting myself have some on Saturday – but kept talking through it because I honestly am not sure I want to get back into that cycle and have to go back to day 1. I’m recalling my pledge on my bday – to stay sober for my 47th year of life.

However, in the end of course I did not drink today (even though the thoughts were there) and I’m so glad I didn’t. I got a call from the school saying my oldest had been brought in by the police having been caught with other kids smoking marijuana and having some in her possession. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – I honestly never would have expected this to happen to her. Thankfully the police officer gave her a good talk about the seriousness of the matter and because it was her first incident, she did not charge her. I was so grateful!

And so I thought – Thank FRIGGEN God I didn’t have a drink! Even if it had just been one – could you imagine me in the vice-principal’s office with the police officer and my daughter smelling of booze. I would have died!

So while it was a really shitty thing to have happen – in the end I think it was a good lesson for my daughter. She is suspended for 3 days from school and there are things we need to work on but we’ll get through this.

They are both going away to a friend’s cottage tomorrow night and I have to say it’s a welcome relief to know they will be there because I know they won’t get into any issues/trouble. It means I will have two free nights and a bit of a much needed mental break. Of course, the thought of having drinks then comes into mind as I could do so without worrying about anything happening … but then my streak would be broken.

I’m going to keep coming here and reading blogs and posts – I need to stay strong through all of this and deal with these matters and the feelings that come with them in a sober manner.

7 thoughts on “Another Challenging Day

  1. bizi says:

    Was this your 12 or 16 year old? sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully this scared her straight?

  2. cin says:

    OH just what you didn’t need but it may have helped you know to stay sober and as you said a lesson to your daughter. I know the fact that you don’t drink is for you, but doing so sure puts out a strong message to your daughters that there are ways to cope without substances. I wonder if you could convince her to go to a teen yoga class or something similar. I hope and pray she finds her path sooner than later and I know she has a good role model at home. YOU CAN DO THIS. Get your move done, then go out and walk at the river for a bit, then come home and man there iwll be so much to do and sort you can keep busy. Think of it all as a start of the new way of living and you certainly don’t want to start it quitting your streak or drinking in your new booze free home!!!! I am so proud of you for all you are dealing with and staying strong!! you know can honestly can see this happening this time and you writing a book about it. I an also see you as a speaker at a seminar for helping single mothers overcome addictions. YOU GIRL CAN SO DO THIS!!!!!

  3. cin says:

    I know you like quotes and got this in my email today and thought hmmm “H” would appreciate what this says… hugs

    To live is to choose.
    But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for,
    where you want to go and why you want to get there.
    – Kofi Annan

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