Reminding Myself…

Today I needed to remind myself that I achieve 100 consecutive days AF TWO times before and while I ended up having drinks on Saturday and Sunday – I’m back to being AF today.

I won’t lie – the internal voice and talk in my head around this issue in comparison to the happiness I see in these pics … well let’s just say it’s motivation to keep on the AF path for a while … for the rest of this month for sure and possibly another 100 Days … that would bring me to August 16th just before my step-daughter’s wedding.

I want to be healthier more than I want that drink … and the cravings that come around 4pm they are gone by 7pm.

It’s now 8:30 and I’ve had a successful day – starting off with a morning workout, walk at lunch and another workout tonight. Next up is my bath, unwinding and bedtime.

Seriously though – I have so much to catch up on. The time wasted during those two days of drinking … I just have too much stuff I want to get done to sit around and drink away my time.

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