R’October Sober 2019

It’s Day 21 of #SoberSeptember 2019 and I’m going strong and feeling 100 times better than I did in August. The depression and fog has lifted and my energy and motivation is BACK!! While I allowed drinks from May to August (a total of 59 days) my plan is to finish 2019 Sober AF! And I’m putting it out there again … for those who may want to hop on board! Try for ONE month and see for yourself just how much of a difference it can make in your overall wellbeing!

When you #LoseDaBooze – you open the door to so many great things. It’s like that saying, you must clear out clutter to make room for the new. That’s what alcohol was for me. I used it as a coping mechanism to mask or numb many of life’s challenges. I used it for every excuse – to celebrate, or because I was tired or because I deserved it… but do you know what I deserve more of? The peace, the clarity and the FREEDOM that comes with sobriety!

I danced with the idea of moderation over 6 years… I went for long stretches of alcohol free (AF) stints – 30 days, then 100 days a few times over, and my last longest 277 days. Each time I re-introduced ‘da booze… I slipped back to old ways and patterns and I noticed just how unhappy I felt.

When I compare or list all the reasons why I drink and how it makes me feel versus when I don’t drink and how amazingly positive my life is – it’s like a no brainer… SERIOUSLY!

Gone are the cravings from my mind … this longing for a substance that was clouding my life in so many ways. The alcohol was preventing me from reaching my health goals, my dreams and it was stopping me from pursing my passions! I don’t like to say ‘never’ but I feel as though this habit is more a thing of my past and one that no longer serves me or my purpose in life. I have BIG dreams and I’m going for them with a renewed energy and focus!

Don’t you want a taste of how this feels? I encourage you to jump in… Because it’s a secret group, you’ll need to friend me on Facebook if you want me to add you). Secret means it’s beyond a closed group in terms of privacy. People can’t even find our group so it won’t show up on your news feeds in any way. While I’m more public about my journey now because I want to help others achieve this … I understand that it is something many still wish to keep private.

So what do you say?! Are you ready to join in for R’October Sober 2019 with us?! It’s time for YOU to #LoseDaBooze and discover the gifts of being AF!!

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