Round 2 – 100 Day Challenge Day 1

Ipicsart_01-01-09-58-15 am back to it – Day 1 of this NEW Year and I’m thrilled to be doing this with others through the group on Facebook in the Lose ‘Da Booze 100 Day Challenge

I am going to record this journey via my blog a bit more regularly as I hope to share more of my insights – starting first with how I feel starting over after a 2 week hiatus after finishing my FIRST 100 days on December 16th.

The first thing I did this morning was weigh in, take this photo and compare stats. In just 2 weeks of re-introducing alcohol – I have regained 5.5lbs and 8.5 inches. I am also taking stock of the things I felt during my 2 week break.

  1. My energy levels went down. As soon as I had a drink I felt dulled and honestly didn’t feel like doing much – in comparison to when I was AF – where I was so productive and pumped to get so much done.
  2. My anxiety started to creep up again… that shaky feeling inside, the guilt because I knew I wasn’t following my health plan by having drinks and then craving the junk foods that seem to go hand in hand.
  3. The pride I had being AF in comparison to the perceived ‘joy’ of having a drink can’t even compare… so while it may be tough getting back to not drinking – I’m going to keep that in mind because I want that GOOD feeling again!
  4. I more easily opted out of my health routine and workouts through the past two weeks. I know it coincided with the holidays and visiting back home, but it honestly made me reflect on how I need to really make a lasting lifestyle change and how my visits back ‘home’ need to shift as well.

My day so far has been good – I had a nice hearty breakfast with my partner before he left to visit his family for the day. Now I am here alone, drinking my Shakeology for lunch (first of the year and boy do I LOVE having this as part of my daily regimen now). I’m sorting through my calendars, catching up on emails, posts and recording stats.

This afternoon I’ll be completing my vision board. You see being AF again – the DAY 1 is always tough. After two weeks of daily drinking again, shaking it out of my system will mean staying busy and I’m doing it with a positive mindset and using the practices I built into my daily routine during the first 100 days.

The community/group on Facebook is so amazing – a place where I can go to share and read about others day and challenges or victories. I love that it’s a safe place/space to share. While I am making myself more vulnerable in blogging publicly – I hope that by sharing my own journey, I can help even just ONE person live a healthier and happier life.

Alcohol has been mostly a negative part of my life – and it’s so strange how we have such a hard time of letting go of those things, but when we FOCUS on the good… the things that we gain when we Lose ‘da Booze… it honestly becomes easier to do.

So one of the things we said we would do in the group was take a photo and record our stats for the beginning of this journey – above is my Day 1 Photo and below here are my stats comparing from January of 2016 to January of this year! I’m proud to say with 209 days AF in 2016 – I have managed to lose 29lbs and I look forward to seeing even MORE progress as I strive to better the AF numbers this year! I’m also proudly continuing my journey as a Beachbody Coach and ‘proof of the products’ as I continue to walk the talk in my journey to be Fit@50&Beyond! My true passion … is to help inspire others to live their healthiest lives! I’m thrilled that this next 100 Day Challenge has been so well received and I can’t wait to see all the positives that will come from this group!!


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