S.L.I.P.’ed – But it’s not Day One Ever Again

I achieved 277 consecutive days AF and then on May 17th I decided to join my fiance and had some drinks… and those turned into a string of 9 days of being off course. I re-started my count on May 26th – but do not call it “Day One” anymore.

Day one was back in 2013 when I first tried this thing called sobriety as I realized I wanted to shift my relationship with ‘da booze and thus created this blog.

The blog is my accountability and journal keeping of the experiences along the way. What I can say is that since December 16, 2016 when I finally completed my FIRST 100 consecutive days sober – I felt on top of the world. I had been trying since 2013 and never managed to string it along … but then it happened. I then launched the group on Facebook “Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Success Group” to do a 2nd 100 consecutive days AF. I achieved that in April of 2017 and felt amazing !

Then SLIP happened – I fell off track for about 5 months and jumped back on for 174 consecutive Days AF… and slipped off again…

And now this latest one. Do you see a pattern? And by that I mean do you see how better is better. I remember back in 2015 I believe when I only had a TOTAL of 65 Days AF in the entire year!!

I did declare that I wanted to retire this habit once and for all but I guess I’m still a work in progress but each experience I believe is making me stronger and wiser. It’s not easy to share the slip – but I believe in transparency and accountability as a means of being honest with myself most of all.

When we hide or pull back – that’s when bigger problems usually come into play. So yup – I’m back on board and have not lost the “TROPHY” of 277 Days… and COUNTING as I build up the next step on the journey! Want to follow my journey? Check out my public page on Facebook for daily inspiration Healthy4Life with Helene (follow and hit ‘like’) or check out my website as I am also now a Certified Wellness Coach (another dream achieved in December 2018 as part of this forward progress/journey)!!

One thought on “S.L.I.P.’ed – But it’s not Day One Ever Again

  1. bizi says:

    you have done very well.
    I am hoping that you feel good about your honesty, you should!

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