Shift Happens…


Sometimes in order to regain control over something, you need to shift your attention to something else. This is what I believe to be key for me in my journey to continual growth and self-improvement. My focus has shifted from alcohol to simply wanting more out of life. 

There are some great resources here in the sober blogging world, and some who also provide extras that you can buy into… but that’s not for me. For me – it’s about the gift of giving freely without any expectations to get something back. A prime example of this is a team I have been co-leading for a number of years through SparkPeople – called Cutting Down the Booze (Calories!!). The team started out small enough and today stands with almost 800 members. The team thrives on everyone giving their advice, sharing their experiences, challenges and victories. 

It’s ever changing and all accepting. There are no conditions to make it 100 days AF without a drop. YOU decide what YOU want to achieve and we’ll be there to support you. Many of us did wander over here and some have successfully completed the 100 Day Challenge but it left many with feelings of failure (me included). I did not make it – but yet, here I am today and doing better than ever.

The measure of our success is unique to all. Some have to quit completely and can not or choose not to have booze as part of their lives. Me – well I know I will never be 100% AF – but I do know that my focus has changed. 



I am making 2014 the year where I am no longer controlled by a substance – but shifting to matters of substance, like dancing, healthy eating and exercising and cleansing. There’s no room in my head for ‘da booze thinking. I’m too busy LIVING life!!

So follow your gutt. Trust your instincts and DO what is right for you – however that may look! Have a fabulous Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Shift Happens…

  1. Em says:

    Well said!!!!! I love our team.-Free and overflowing exchange of support and love. Non judgmental. Positive and LIFE affirming!
    – nice title of your blog btw 🙂

  2. Iambizi says:

    good morning helene, am so happy for your shift!

  3. Where can we join that team, or read more about it?
    Well done, and I love the shift!!

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