Shift in Thinking (Day 24 AF)


Here I am on day 24 of my AF days. I am not done reading the 30-Day Sobriety (next chapter to read is day 16) – but it’s obviously worked its magic on me as I’m not craving drinks but rather craving health and energy!

I’m nearing the end of my fitness challenge (Feb 28th is my last day and where I’ll weigh in and measure to see my results). I am already planning my next one starting February 29th.

I know that I will have more success with more AF days and still debating if I’ll completely abstain until March 25th when I visit back home or if I may allow myself 1 day on the weekends to try my hand back at a regular patter or normal/social drinking. Time will tell. Honestly, having this long streak in – it kind of would be a shame to break it before I beat my own best which I think was 33 days. AND – my ultimate goal is to be in great shape for my trip to Barbados… in 52 days!

It’s amazing how I have shifted my thinking … from thoughts of drinking to thoughts of health!! I’m realizing all that I CAN do with my sobriety rather than focusing on what I’m missing out on by not drinking (honestly – it’s overrated lol). All kidding aside – I do miss being able to enjoy a couple of drinks with my bf – who is a very moderate drinker. What I don’t miss is that obsession about thinking about drinking – when, how much, etc.

I think the fact that I know my life will change greatly when I move in with him this coming August – that I’m kind of mentally preparing now. If I had continued with my drinking habits as they were – if he had witnessed how much I actually drank and at the times I did – he would certainly have had some concerns. The exercise in the 30-Day Sobriety that has you looking at yourself continuing in the same pattern versus the person who has control over your drinking was a great tool for me. I have lived on my own since 2002 with no one looking at my habits or knowing what I really do. My kids saw some of it – but not all of it and it would definitely be harder to hide from a partner.

This relationship has been great for me … life changing really. He has shown me what it is like to be really loved and cherished and spoiled. Something I’ve always longed for. I no longer need to use alcohol for comfort in that area of my life.

As for the issues of using it as a coping mechanism with the stress with my kids – I know that I can be stronger and more effective with them when I am sober. I am now leading by example – showing them that health is the way – not coping mechanisms like alcohol or other substances.

I’m quite proud of this shift and for the first time in a long time hopeful about really making many of my life dreams come true! This thanks to my THRIVING in sobriety!!

2 thoughts on “Shift in Thinking (Day 24 AF)

  1. Dilia Davila says:

    You are doing a great job and are an inspiration.

  2. Cherie says:

    Its easier for me too. Haven’t been working out, for health reasons, but so glad to hear your doing well. I hope things are better with your daughter now.

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