Sober September 2019

I am nearing the 2 week mark since my return to the AF way and keeping up with #SoberSeptember. Cravings have been minimal but thoughts have come up here and there. What I notice is that they appear when I’m tired or feel like I ‘deserve a break’. I know now that allowing ‘one’ drink opens the gate to more because one is never enough. Once I start I feel like what the hell – it’s no longer an AF day so may as well make it a good one and I’ll get back to AF tomorrow… which ends up turning into more days. The saying that if we want true and lasting change – we must be willing to do things differently for me means that I need to find alternate coping mechanisms when those thoughts/triggers come up.

This past week has definitely held a record number of challenges including 3 days of dealing with crises with my daughter (with doctor’s visits, crisis line calls and emergency department visits). This weekend is about helping her move to yet another place (this has been about her 6th or 7th move since January). She is now 18 and we have been dealing with her mental health issues since 2013 – which is when I embarked on this journey to Lose ‘da Booze. I knew I had to be strong and sober! I knew that drinking was not going to alleviate any of these issues – if anything they at times made them worse.

My new coping mechanisms include blogging (my version of journaling), posting in my groups and seeking external support via a parents’ lifeline and some of my own counseling to work through this difficult time. YES I’m a health and wellness coach and I know first hand just how important it is to get the support you need through difficult times. There’s no shame in asking for help.

Amidst all of this – I’m also accomplishing other positive things such as a successful interview (step 2 or 3) for a full time permanent position (as I was told my current position would be reduced to 2 days a week in January). I managed to workout every single morning and am back to my routine of daily positive affirmations. I listen to audio books to and from work (currently listening to Jack Canfield’s Maximum Confidence: 10 Steps to Extreme Self-Esteem). I am walking the 5km Race for Kids September 15th in support of children’s mental health. I’m eating better than I was – not perfect but much improved! I am doing some Intermittent Fasting and trying to stop eating at least a few hours before bed – but allowing one day a week for a bit of a break. Oh and I launched my Sobriety Swag website!

One of the designs available

So yes – it’s been a tough week – but because of my health practices, I feel a sense of balance. I also listen to my body. For the most part had been sleeping well – but when I’m tired – I go to bed rather than reach for food or booze. Today will likely involve a nap as I didn’t sleep great last night… thankfully it’s the weekend and I can! But first… a workout to start the day!

Hoping you are all doing well through this month. If you need any extra support, please contact me or visit my coaching website Healthy4Life with Helene or visit/like/follow my Facebook Page where I post daily for motivation and inspiration to help YOU live Healthy4Life!

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