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I recently made a decision that I needed to push my sober game up a notch. Since April, I have been experimenting with moderation and I feel as though it’s not really allowing me to achieve my goals, so I’ve decided to commit to a longer period of abstinence.

It took me years to finally achieve the goal of 100 days AF – and I managed to repeat it a second time, but still finding myself circling back into cycles that bring me backwards and I’m just DONE!

So consider this my next challenge or experiment and that is to Lose ‘da Booze in my life for a full year cycle! That’s a full year of socials, events, holidays, highs and lows – without reverting to alcohol to cope, numb, get through or zone out from. Call it a year of awakening – of getting to really know myself and learning to manage my feelings and emotions. Through this, I will access as many sober tools as I can and implement new practices which will allow me to not only be sober – but to Surive & Thrive while doing this!

In conjunction with this re-start, I’ll be starting a second round of Body Beast as I work to build my physical body. I will continue to access the supports I have built through our groups Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge and Lose ‘da Booze: Sober – Suriviving and Thriving focusing on how things are better without alcohol rather than pondering about what we so often perceive as missing out on something. If you’d like to follow my journey to greater health and want daily inspiration… follow me on

I will be using this blog to journal the journey relative to living sober. It’s time to really let go of what no longer serves me… starting September 5th (or perhaps even a day or two before) the experience BEGINS!

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