Sober Time Has Begun…

screenshot_2016-09-07-09-23-42The 50th Birthday Celebrations are over… and I am now beginning my journey to 50 days Alcohol Free (or longer). I’m still undecided on the quit for good or just practice longer stretches of sobriety in between. One thing I DON’T want to do as I enter this next half century is making promises to myself and simply breaking them over and over again. So for now, for today and one day at a time – it’s Sober Time for me!

I was sharing with a friend who had a health scare related to alcohol an I guess when we are faced with a no choice option to quit – it’s even scarier but what if we made it like it was a NEW adventure to discover the really GOOD about leading a sober and happy life without the influence of alcohol or any other substance that makes us feel good.

I honestly want to discover life as it is – naturally. I am now moved in with my partner (I had been alone for 14 years). This in of itself is a HUGE change for me and I know it will take time to adjust to the new routine so why not make being AF part of the NEW routine?!

This is a lifestyle choice – be it working out, drinking or not, eating healthy or not… and our health is certainly something we should not take for granted. Right here and right now I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed with all that’s going on with the recent move and now having to unpack and organize. There’s also my daughter and the changes that this means for her being in the country versus somewhere she can get away on her own using public transportation.

With all that I have going on – it’s important to be clear headed and so Sober Time is ME time! Self-care at its best. I will continue to post/blog here related to this specific topic while I will post my health/fitness/coaching to my other venues. Keeping busy will be important if I am to succeed at this next goal – and I’m not stopping until I get there (as the affirmation states with the Sober Time App (great little app).

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