Stats for 2017 – Day 125

Today is Day 125 of 2017 and these are my stats so far… I’m pretty pleased with them. I am affirming today as an AF day because I’m back into doing a 100 Day Challenge – although … I have to say yesterday challenged me again.

I recall in my previous successful 100 day AF days that I had hard days – where I had to face emotions and challenges head on without ‘da booze… and I indeed did turn to food for some comfort and relief. What I need to work on during this THIRD 100 Day challenge is finding alternative coping mechanisms that don’t involve food as it goes against my goal to get to a healthier weight.

I need to use the tools I have – like writing/blogging when I feel that way, but at times in the midst of a crisis I can’t get away to do that. Exercise is always a good outlet – except last night – I had to ‘be present’ for my daughter so that was out of the question. Self-care things I can do and enjoy include:

  • taking a nice bubble bath
  • meditate
  • read a good book
  • workout
  • go for a walk
  • seek support through my amazing Lose ‘Da Booze Group

Today is a new day and it’s my FIRST AF weekend since my 20 days of drinking but I can do this! It’s a busy day ahead as I’m off but have appointments and ‘things to do’… so here’s to making it a great AF Day and Weekend!

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