Staying Grounded

It’s been a rocky few days with a lot of emotional stuff through my step-daughter pre and post wedding stuff. The anticipation of what may happen ‘before’ and then dealing with seeing people for the first time and wondering how it would go… finding out that it was as negative and awful as before and WHY I am no longer a part of that family… and then to feel so hurt by being unmentioned through speeches and recognition of important people in the bride’s life (someone I raised for 4 years and have known and been close to for over 25 years). Alas – I let her know how I felt and then let it go. As they speak of letting EGO go – drop the “E” and just let GO!

As I do this I shift my focus back to my journey to getting back to my happy and healthy self and prepping for my 51st year of life Alcohol Free… my one year experiment and perhaps beyond.

Life brings us so many lessons and they say you don’t stop learning them until you have really grasped the concept and so I believe that is the case for me going into this newest ‘next level’ challenge where I just will say I don’t drink … for the entire year!

Announcing it publicly so people know, I know I will have the support. Knowing I can get back to this transformation as I find myself quite fluffy again with the re-introducing of ‘da booze habit since April of this year… No More! September 3rd is MY New Year and back to school!

I can’t wait to record the experience… for me and perhaps you’ll follow along. I know for sure there will be many revelations! So here’s to stepping up my game – prepping myself – mind, body and spirit!! I CAN and I WILL and I MUST achieve this!! No excuses!  

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