Steps in the Right Direction

I’ve been away from this blog for the past while … and have had a few days of MOD drinking, but back to being AF for the remainder of the month now. My life stressors continue to play a big part on my using alcohol to cope or ‘chill out’ and I know that I need to find alternative ways of dealing.

My oldest daughter’s return went well and this weekend I pick up my youngest and we’ll see what next week will bring as we go back to school and routine. I pray things will look up.

The legal stuff I was dealing with – well it’s not going anywhere really and the money I spent was a waste I guess. To make anything else happen would mean paying more and the whole point of me doing this was to help me out financially, not get me in further debt. It’s a shame that the system is setup in a way to make it so hard but it is what it is.

I pray for my own financial independence so that I won’t have to rely on anyone else to help me support my children. Visualizing that abundance coming to me and how great it will feel to be able to breathe a bit more when it arrives 🙂

My focus has been out of whack in so many aspects of my life and my hope is with the return to school, routine and soon the move to the new place that we can start fresh in so many ways. One day at a time… in every sense and way of my life.

5 thoughts on “Steps in the Right Direction

  1. Good luck. Stay strong. The poison only feeds itself.

  2. Erika says:

    One day at a time, by being present. Sounds simple but it requires conscious effort, don’t you think?
    Blessings to you!!!

  3. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can see the post at

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