Day 1 – Time Travel Technique

I am coming to journal about my experience (exercise number 5) of the Day 1 – 30-Day Sobriety Solution.

I listened to the audio of the Time Travel Techniqueย and was really amazed at how the visualization of seeing myself maintaining the same pattern of drinking that I have been in for another 5 or 10 years. How I would look like, how I would feel, what my life would look like and I could feel the knot forming in my chest because I didn’t like what that would be like. I know only too well from close loved ones near me who succumbed to drinking too much and how it affected their lives. I know that is NOT what I want for my life.

The second part of the exercise was to visualize myself in a year,ย  5 years and 10 years – but having changed my way of life so that alcohol no longer controls any part of my life and I have a take it or leave it attitude when it comes to having a drink. WOW – that’s how I want to feel and visualizing how I would be physically strong, lean and glowing with health. Visualizing the success I’d have in my career and possibly my second career in coaching. Visualizing the financial freedom I would have in comparison to the struggles I’ve experienced over the years … Visualizing this lovely relationship I have now (met my lovely partner on Oct 31, 2014) flourishing in wonderful ways instead of seeing the opposite – having me sabotage it or drive him away.

The booze in my life has indeed been used to mask many things – things I was avoiding facing or just scared to change for fear of the unknown but I feel I am ready now. It’s ironic how they speak of the time line because for me – this year is all about that as I turn 50 in September. I view this year as a new beginning into the next half century of my life – being healthier and fitter than ever!

I want to be that woman that people see and say ‘wow you look great’! Not the one that people see and secretly say ‘wow she looks worse for wear’. I want to be glowing with the passion I have inside me.

And so I’ve decided that my official Day 1 of this program will be on February 1st and I am 100% committing to a 60 Day Reboot! YES – you heard me not the 30 days I was originally thinking of but 60! I have done a 30 before and while it’s been a long time – I’ve never done a 60 in ages and with my trip / vacation coming up April – I want a good clean 60 days to reset my mindset so that this vacation will be unlike any other I’ve ever had. One that will be family oriented and not focused on drinking. One focused on activities to bring us all closer.

I hope you’ll follow along … as I launch into this fully on February 1, 2016.




A Work in Progress – Day 1 Again…


So the BBQ yesterday for Canada Day – drinks were involved and one was placed in front of me and I had some. The host was definitely a ‘pusher’ but it was my own doing and I was ok with it (except for the headache as it’s not a drink I normally drink). So I had a couple and then came home and laid down to try to get rid of the headache. Perhaps my body is telling me that the stuff is toxic for me. I used to get frequent headaches/migraines and when I had my 33 day stretch – I noticed I didn’t have any such pains…

So I’m back on Day 1 and planning on another stretch. I am still in the 100 day challenge and want to get there – to see if the noise really will quiet down … and just because it’s something I have not done in decades.

It is definitely a work in progress and I have my moments – strong one minute and weak the next when the chatter in my head gets too loud and I start convincing myself that it’s ok to have a drink.

As I have said before, I’m not sure if I want to quit for good, but I do want to try to achieve this milestone of 100 days. I know there will be many social situations presenting themselves to me and it’s a matter of either staying away from some or planning better strategies to ensure I don’t fail.

Things at home are calming down for now – so that will definitely help. My oldest is now gone to Florida for the summer leaving me alone with my 12 year old who was having the issues… maybe the time we’ll have alone will allow us to heal some of the wounds and with counseling I hope she will be in better spirits before school starts up again.

I also got to see my wonderful friend today – it’s amazing how he makes me feel so great! He’s a man I met back in March and we’re not an item per say, but he’s just the ‘medicine’ I need in my hectic life right now. AND – he DOESN’T drink ๐Ÿ™‚ … he’s been super busy with work but things are going to slow down for him after July 8th until Sept 25th so my hope is we’ll see each other at least once a week. He gives me motivation to stay sober and also to get in shape. Dating has that effect on a girl… you want to look good for ‘da man ๐Ÿ˜‰ (but I am also doing this for ME so I can feel good about ME).

It’s just another reason to stay sober and on track with my health/exercise goals. When I drink – I tend to neglect my workout routine. So it’s July 2nd – and it may not be completely dry because I had drinks yesterday, but I’m aiming for the rest of the month being dry.