I’m feeling better these days but my cravings for junk foods is high. I know that the holidays and my indulgences with drinks and eats did not help – thus a need for a detox. Of course it means being without alcohol – day 4 today – but more than that, I need to give my body a cleanse/detox of sorts with the eats.

I will be looking to do this over the weekend (Sat/Sun) when I can lay low a bit and key it down. I have been working out again and I have to say – THAT is the best medicine overall. For lifting my mood, giving me energy.

Last night I pushed myself to workout because I didn’t really feel like it. After the workout – I felt great and had energy to do some cleaning/de-cluttering.

It made me think of a list of things that make me feel good and how I need to go to these things to stay feeling good – listening to upbeat tunes, dancing, being organized, eating healthy, meditating, making plans to go out and socialize and have fun, pampering myself (baths, pedicures – this is on my list to get done soon as I’ve never really had it done professionally).

Like my previous post stated – focusing on what I want … and looking to signs about the need to detox. I just read the article from Doreen Virtue and I take it as a sign to keep pushing this forward.

“Letting go of addictions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and unbalanced friendships heightens your connection to the angelic realm.” –  Doreen Virtue