Putting Myself Out There


Yesterday was a BIG day for me. Back in 2013 I started this blog – when I had intentions of doing a 100 Day AF Challenge. I didn’t make the 100 days – but I did get a good stretch in. I went back to re-read a few of those blogs and thought wow – I’m still thinking a lot of those things.

And then it was like an ‘a-ha’ moment. That stuff is in the past and while it has brought me to where I am today – what really counts is where I am going.

I can’t keep looking back on what I did, how long I stayed on track. I have to start with a clean slate and just look ahead. Taking it ‘one day at a time’.

Today is Day 4 AF for me – I am also finishing a 3 Day Refresh and feeling pretty amazing (I can’t wait to see my results tomorrow morning when I compare from Day 1).

And while it’s the weekend – my only focus is to get ready for my Extreme Challenge on Monday! It’s an amazing program – 21 days, 30 minute workouts (so very doable) and I of course include my go to “healthiest meal of the day” Shakeology. I missed having it every day when I was sick with anxiety, stress and migraines and it’s a vicious cycle because when I do drink it I feel so much better!

So my go to drinks now – water, mineral water or sparkling water with a splash of lemon, herbal teas AND my Energize (pre-workout) – I love how this stuff makes me feel – Packs a healthy punch to give me the boost I need!

My plan tomorrow is to go grocery shopping, plan my clean eating meals (and the resources that come with this program make it so easy). The support too! I joined a group – we’re all in this challenge for a chance to be part of an Infomercial for the 21 Day Fit Extreme. This is a dream of mine and that’s my focus. You know the Law of Attraction – ask, believe and receive… Visualize – I want this! So I’m not thinking of drinking… I’m thinking of SHRINKING and being one of the success stories! I believe it so much that I did my very first public video (as part of the assignment for this challenge) and posted it and put it out there publicly. If you want to see it it’s on my page at www.BeFitSpirited.com (which for now is just my Facebook ‘like’ page – but that too will change as my focus is to build my website to track my journey).

I really felt like I was on ‘fire’ yesterday – this passion! I want to succeed and transform myself in every way – mind/body and spirit and more than that I want to help others do it too … which is why I’m coaching.

I hope you’ll follow my journey … and if ever you want to reach out – I’d love to be your coach for FREE!!