Last Day 1

I had a rotten weekend and waking up to my birthday today – realize that moderation is NOT an option for me. Once I have that first drink, it’s like I can’t get enough and waking up this morning, I realize that I’m done WASTING my life away with booze.

May today be my last day 1 AF ever and may I seek all the help and support I need to keep me on the path of sobriety. May I prove to myself most of all that I can do this – for me and for my children so that we can live a better life.

I was hit this weekend with just how I am letting life pass me by as I sit and sulk in a depressed state of mind, brought on by my indulgence in ‘the voice’ that called me out on Friday and stayed with me until yesterday. I’m waking up this morning and praying for strength to keep me on path to true sobriety.