Who Do You Tell (or don’t)?!

How many of you debate who you should tell about your quest for sobriety or if you should keep it quiet for the first little while … just in case you fail? Like any other resolution you make and how many of those do we make – I just ponder about who I should or shouldn’t tell. This blog is a perfect way for me to get it out without judgement, and with the most supportive encouragement from people who GET the mental struggle I’m dealing with around ‘da booze.

Moderation is not an option for me right now – that I know for a fact. And so, I have to learn to just let it go and not think too far ahead but baby steps. Right now it’s easy – the wolfie is not crying out. I had to laugh because we probably all have our nick names for that voice inside our heads that tell us “go ahead – you’ve been good” or enough of this shit – I’ve been busting my ass all week and I deserve a good night ‘off’.

I wanted to share this poster of mine and again – as I think about it – I guess I have some good wolfies in my presence (I even had a guy who’s native name was White Wolf). This poster was the inspiration that helped me to push forward and make the huge move from my hometown of over 40 years to where I currently live (4 years ago). Image

So while I’m strong right now and the voices are quiet – I feel like I could tell the world, but I won’t simply because I want THIS time to be different. I’m going to keep my own outer voice quiet until I’m a bit further into my path to sobriety (finishing day 3 today). Instead I’ll share through my own blogging.

I came across this post – and it’s one I absolutely love about 9 Unconventional Ways to Let Go. There’s some really good ideas to apply when the voices do start to get louder or when the cravings kick in. For today, I’m peacefully going to bed … and only the good wolfie is in my head tonight.