DAY 30 – Enjoying a Natural High!!


Celebrating my 30th day of sobriety enjoying an all natural high!! How would you fill in the blank above? What is YOUR natural high?

For me today it was just getting through the day without any thoughts or temptations about drinking. The high came with a message from my guy friend and we got together very spontaneously ‘last minute’ and I left there on the BEST natural high (it was like the BEST gift for my milestone 30 days from my friend who is a non drinker)!! These are things I could not do when I was drinking – how many things I turned down because I had been drinking and couldn’t be spontaneous and drive off to do something…

I also managed to have a better handle on the day overall emotionally. No out of control eating today so the hormones are in check I guess lol – or simply the natural high kept me cruising on a higher plane… feeling GREAT!!


This is another great ‘high’ these days for me (along with the loud music too!!) … even when I really don’t feel like doing a workout, I push through and always feel so much better (and it doesn’t have to be a marathon either – simple as 10mins a day is better than nothing folks). I have been consistently following my 5 Factor Fitness program (typically 25 mins but sometimes longer if I add more cardio at the end) for the past 8 weeks now. To miss one day now would kill me because I know it’s like the booze… if I were to allow myself ‘one day’ I would end up slipping completely – and so I am determined to stay on this path right now.

Thank you for those who commented yesterday – I do know I have to be gentle with myself and let go of my EGO and just focus on the important things and how far I have really come. I am super proud of myself and I know I deserve this feeling – the one of success!

Embarking on new territory tomorrow as I cross the longest length of time I have gone without drinks since my pregnancy (13 years ago)… now that my friends is a sure hit AWESOME natural high! Can’t wait to reach the halfway point in this 100 day challenge!!