Day 2 – Action Steps


Day 2 requires a us to complete 4 Action Steps:

1 – to write my 60 Day Vision Statement

“All I need is within me now to live an exciting, vibrant, passionate and sober life where I am attracting meaningful relationships, career opportunities, health and financial success. I am grateful for my continued sobriety.”

2 – Capturing the BEFORE ME

My reasons for this reboot are mainly for health reasons as I have been unable to lose weight successfully for over a year and it seems that my mid-section keeps expanding with the drinks. I also want to experience less sick time due to the alcohol – as I reviewed my year and noticed that when stressed I would cope by drinking and then spiral into a depression, and the anxiety would increase and my ability to function at work would decrease. I have at times driven when I probably shouldn’t have and I have been lucky so far… except about a month ago – I blamed it on being tired, but I did have a couple of drinks – Jan 8th was the date – and coming home into my parking garage I caused $1000 damage to my car (which almost negated the money I had earned doing a workshop those two days). It was a wake up call for me – and I’m grateful that’s all that happened. I also want to have a better relationship with my daughters. Many times I would drink to mask my feelings and then blow up with them as I was frustrated about many factors. I want to better manage my finances¬†– there’s certainly no room to waste my money on booze. I don’t want to sabotage the good loving relationship I have with my boyfriend. In the past I have let booze lead to moments where I don’t recall what I’ve said or done and have also found myself doing things I regretted the next day. I have spent too many days drinking alone – my stats last year – only 65 days AF. And there were days when I drank in the middle of the night or upon waking just to get the buzz and to numb myself or lose myself.

3 – The NEW ME

Sobriety will bring me the health and vitality I seek. I will be fitter and leaner. I will have energy to do my workouts and will WANT to do them. Being sober will keep me from making poor food choices as well. I will be more confident and self-assured that I can accomplish the goals I set for myself. I will have time to be more focused on my work and I will be more productive and organized. I will naturally be more at peace and experience less anxiety or depression. I will seek new activities and hobbies that support my sober life. I will be a role model for my daughters and show them as I lead by example that you can do anything you set your mind to. I will have the confidence to continue providing workshops and I will explore other avenues of earning extra income as I will have the time, focus and clarity to do so. I will lead a balanced life – work¬†and play. I will balance my ME time with my ‘couple’ time. I will have the drive to follow my passions and dreams! Nothing will stop me from living the life I’ve dreamt of… travel, love, health, joy and happiness!

4 – Review my Vision Statement and NEW ME journal entry every day for at least two weeks

I will add this to my calendar so that it comes up as a ‘to do’ daily task for the next 2 weeks.