What’s my WHY


My why … here… is to simply get healthier. Yes I joined here and was blogging and thinking and reading all about getting sober. But in the end, it was honestly making me crazier … Where I want to be tomorrow is a person who is focused on health – eating well, exercising and living a balanced life.

When I think about my motivation for doing this – ‘NOT drinking alcohol’ is simply a side effect of reaching for the goal of becoming healthier. I know some have deeper issues and I debated that in my own head for ages but again – it took away from the things I really needed to focus on – and as with many other aspects of my life – I’ve learned that you attract what you focus on and I choose HEALTH – I choose getting my next fix through a good workout, or planning a new outing, trip, or activity. I plan on LIVING!!

I got sucked into this world and was hungrily reading every blog post I could, and don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for the sober blogging world… for me though – I just needed to step back in order to focus my attention on other things that were more in line with where I want my life to go.

Alcohol is very much a part of our culture and will always be around – like many other ‘bad habits’ that surround us (cigarettes, gambling, etc)… they are addictions… and I admittedly have an addictive personality and so I’m shifting it now to all things health – coaching/training, strength training, dancing, meditation, self-help books, relationship books, body image… Alcohol was a side effect of me not being happy with my SELF and so that’s the area I’m working on. I drank out of loneliness and boredom and so now I’ve gone out and thrown myself back into the dating world… I’m taking new classes and trying new things… I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and the high I am getting from it all – well you can’t get that by just sitting around thinking about drinking all the time.

So my friends… I’ll keep popping in here every now and again… but see me anytime over at SparkPeople as I blog daily there… check out today’s blog about What is YOUR Motivation?

Sharing Resources

I came across an article today and decided to take a chance and delve into this venture and hope that perhaps it will help my financial situation.

It’s an opportunity to simply share links to items people would normally want to buy, but in doing so through my website I make a commission. My passion – BOOKS!! So I created http://hsbookshub.extremeproductsmall.com/sobriety.html and created a specific tab regarding sobriety, including books on completely being AF and some on moderation management.

I just started the website tonight and I have to say I’m excited about this project. I’m not sure what it will bring back in terms of income – at the very least I hope I cover my costs.

I’m going to be working to add more links to books that I have in my own library. I took an inventory tonight and MAN I have loads! I am a true self-help geek .. but they have all helped me at various stages of my life.

So if you want to check out some books relative to our community here, no pressure, but I’d love if you did so through my website. It’s all done through Amazon.

I am looking forward to doing more development and exploring the full possibility of where this can take me. I have dreams of becoming a writer one day, and publish my own book … but for now, I’ll be the book pusher 🙂

Now where am I again in the sober drive? Well my last drink was July 1st and plans to aim for the 100 days is there and heck – this new project may just be the distraction or new activity to keep me busy and keep Wolfie at bay!