My AF Plan for Tomorrow’s Workplace Christmas Party (Winter Gala)



Well I was experiencing ‘shaky ground’ today feeling like I was going to cave at tomorrow’s event but after keeping extremely busy tonight (and surprisingly NO cravings whatsoever for booze this Friday night), I ended up picking up this non-alcoholic beer and imitation sparkling wine to bring with me. I am also packing some snacks (kolbassa, cheese and crackers) and my regular AF drinks of choice – diet pepsi with lime and club soda to mix with my crystal light. 

I talked to my roommate for the night about how I was feeling like caving in but didn’t want to – so she knows. I talked to people at work too about how I don’t want to drink and was happy to hear others aren’t drinking – or drinking very little.

I’m now putting the focus on the real FUN of the evening. This wonderful new friendship I’m forming with my roommate for the night – the chair of the larger Staff Forum who used to organize this event on her own. We are finding that we have so much in common in so many ways. She told me she thinks this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship. 

The other FUN I am looking forward to is to dance the night away! I love dancing and yet I find that I hardly get out to dance. I have been thinking about taking lessons or even just getting out to dance more – and this is a perfect opportunity!!

The focus is no longer about ‘da drink but more about being around friends/colleagues and truly enjoying a nice evening out. My daughter will do my makeup. I’ll put my hair up. Put on my fake press on nails. Maybe put nail polish on my toes. Pack my bag for the room and I’ll be arriving there to meet up and setup for 2pm. We’ll have some time to kill from 4ish to just before 6 – but I’ll have my laptop with me so I can stay busy. 

Despite the moment of feeling like I was going to cave in, I’m suddenly feeling very hopeful that this milestone – getting through this night AF is going to be an incredible boost for me. I couldn’t have done it without all the support from my Soberistas’ friends (as I blogged there too about it – if you want to read up there). 

And now it’s after 11pm – I have been up for almost 20 hours since I wake up at 3:30am. I hope to sleep well and sleep in so I can stay up late tomorrow night without issue as we’ll be there right until the end. You know what folks – I think I GOT THIS!!! WooHoo!! 

PS – Special thanks to Belle too for giving me her tools – and sharing her lighthouse podcast with me. You are incredible and I’m so very grateful!!