The 30-Day Solution 100% Commitment


It’s been a while since I’ve done a 30 day stint of no alcohol… and with this new book “The 30-Day Solution” I’m re-inspired and BELIEVE Yes I Can do this! And not only 30 days this time but 60 days. I am using this weekend to prepare and rid the house of alcohol. Allowing myself a few drinks … but come Monday February 1st, I’m done! For 60 Days!

I can’t explain the ‘why’ but this time feels different. I have often had the intention of doing this but kind of half assed put the effort in. Some social event would come up or some excuse and I’d give in because I was NOT 100% committed. In reading that passage – making sure I commit completely doesn’t leave that head game space to decide should I or shouldn’t I have some … and it’s right out NO not this time.

I will be traveling on April 16th. I will be in a 100% better head space having 60 days of this reboot behind me going there – because I don’t want this trip to be focused on the drinks but rather the beauty of the vacation and for the first time since I can’t remember – have a ‘family’ trip – a first with my boyfriend and my daughters. A time to just enjoy life!

I feel so blessed to be able to finally do the things I have always wanted to – because of this wonderful man I’ve met. I have waited a long time and dreamt of this day coming … and so I don’t want to mess it up.

I have spent the past few years struggling with my daughters and their mental health difficulties … and I want this trip to be good medicine for all of us.

As I sip drinks tonight – I can sense a difference … I know I will be saying goodbye to the alcohol come Monday. I know it won’t be easy – especially come the weekends (as I’ve been doing pretty great during the week with no drinks since the new year). But it’s totally do-able … especially knowing I’m not alone on the journey and that we can support one another.

Here’s to a great weekend and an even greater month ahead! February is usually one of my toughest months with many ‘hard’ memories… but not this time! I’m looking at it with positive light and energy … the month that begins my new transformation! Here’s to buildingĀ a NEW life!


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  1. I’ll give you all the support I can. We all have to help one another. Its different for me this time around too. I was able to be af all month.

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