The Need to Create Some “Positive” Space


I need to surrender and truly make the next 10 days AF. I have not had any streaks in a while and I need this ‘reset’ to create the positive space to allow myself to move forward in a more positive momentum.

I continue to deal with major stressors on my home front with a trouble teenager daughter, but I can’t use that excuse to using the alcohol as my crutch. I need to practice better coping and stress management skills and so begins a new week with these intentions – of living a more positively balanced life – including healthier eating – no junk food or alcohol and cut out the diet soda stuff too. I’ll be focusing on my herbal teas and water – and try to avoid the ‘bubbly’ drinks to hopefully help me feel less bloated.

It’s more than a detox from alcohol but simply a turn to be healthier – mind/body and soul. The alcohol provides temporary relief and makes me lazy. I need to get back into my workouts which I neglect when I sit to drink.

NO TV watching this week – another trigger for my drinking. Instead I’ll use the time to tend to housework, meditation, weather permitting some walks outdoors and spend time with friends when I can. 11 days until my trip back home and it’s May 11

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Time to get moving in the RIGHT direction.

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