The Next 30 Years

I read a post on my team thread about how a member had lived her live with alcohol for 30 years and how she was ready to do so WITHOUT alcohol. In my case, I have been drinking since probably the age of 12 – so I have 35 years of life with alcohol and I’m ready to look ahead to seeing what perhaps living life without alcohol can be like.

While I’ll be turning 47 soon, I think my birthday will be like a new life beginning. My mom always told me life began at 40 – and I honestly believe that because the first 40 years I was learning and now with the experience, I can live a life that has true meaning – without the need for alcohol to enjoy life.

It’s a great leap this sober revolution if you will – but I think it’s catching on with many. Like cigarette smoking (which I never indulged in) was so glamorized and now so looked upon as gross (I always felt it was gross) – perhaps the glamour surrounding alcohol is starting to fade – at least for me it is. For the little relief or buzz I get from it – the after math of guilt for caving in, for spending the money, for not being clear headed enough to deal with real life – it’s become less appealing to me.

What is becoming appealing to me is the prospect of how I will feel being sober for a length of time and discovering my SELF more. Perhaps pursuing things I never felt worthy of doing before and taking more risks, learning new things, becoming involved in new activities and hobbies. I know in order to stick this out – I need to replace the habit of booze with another activity.

While I know there will be many social situations involving or around alcohol, I also know it doesn’t mean I have to have some. I can opt for AF options and still be a part of those events.

It will be interesting to see what the next 30 years of life for me will be. Starting with this move at the end of September – one that I really decided upon in a bit of a whim – but that has turned out to be a great decision… I think life is on an upswing despite the many at home challenges with my girls. Being sober will keep me strong through it all.

5 thoughts on “The Next 30 Years

  1. thirstystill says:

    This is a nice post to read. Sounds like you’re doing well and thinking really clearly. Hooray for you!

  2. Elle says:

    The next 30 will be fabulous for sure!!!

  3. bizi says:

    you are a wonderful lady, mother, leader!

  4. cheryl miller says:

    i am only on day one but i look forward to finding the old me that enjoyed life to the fullest, tried new things and made experiences happen. i want that again so i can so relate to your reference to finding yourSELF…

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