The Turning Point

Day 3 was when I started feeling better this time. The first couple of days are tricky at times – when the cravings are strong, but my WILL is stronger this time. I have a few things that are making me look at this differently now. ONE – I’m no longer living alone so I can’t hide this – and I’m affirming out loud even publicly on my Facebook about my desire to go 50 days AF for my 50th Year of Life.

I am still loving this app (Sober Time) and the cool quotes it gives me – even the alcohol goals which I didn’t discover until yesterday. There’s even a feature that shows you how much you saved based on how much you spent each day (while I didn’t spend daily I would at times go out every other day to get something from the liquor store).

My energy is back and I’m feeling better as I start to feel at ‘home’ in the new house. Slowly unpacking/organizing and maintaining healthier practices (including a 7 day Clean Eating Challenge).

Cravings and temptations are still there. On Friday night we had a campfire and I wanted some, but I told our neighbors of my intentions and he actually was quite impressed with my resolve. That felt really great!

So here’s to getting to my next goal and completing a CLEAN AF week!

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