The Year in Review

The December Paid Group is FULL!! It’s been renamed to shift the focus on the work we’ll actually be doing.

Every year, I take my calendar in December and look through to see what events, challenges, wins and progress I’ve made. This is beyond just ‘da booze but overall as I strive to always improve my life on all levels – thus my Healthy4Life360 tag line.

This is the first year I beat out my highest number of days in a year … in 2017 and 2018 my highest number of AF days was 263. I’m proud to say that I will be finishing this year with 306 Days AF and that my vision for 2020 is to keep bettering that number! I don’t want to say I’m aiming for 100% (although deep down I hope I achieve it)… I’m just acknowledging that Better is Better! So whatever that may look like for me will look differently for you!

The wonderful thing about the FREE groups I run is that this is understood – in a community / space where people ‘get it’. For the past couple of months I’ve started to run more intensive groups limited to 10 participants and will be running one again in January – so if you need MORE than the free groups can offer with more one on one accountability and coach calls with me – then send me a message via Facebook.

The groups are secret so to join in you must be invited by a friend… if you’d like more info then find me on Facebook and I’d be happy to tell you more!

As we prepare to go into a new decade – I am excited about how my life will continue to bloom and prosper now that I’ve decided to #LoseDaBooze to WIN in life!

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