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Today was another tough one for me. I had the urges and really wanted to just give up and numb the day away. I felt sad, lonely but thanks to the contact with Belle – I talked it through, she shared with me her FUCK YOU WOLFIE address and I ended up going for a walk and then coming back home to listen to some good old loud rock music – taking me back to those days where I was much more carefree with so much less responsibilities.

It got me thinking about sharing this post (below) I shared with my team “Cutting Down the Booze” – and I have to do this ‘edit’ in that I am not sure I can ever fall into the category of being able to be that moderate drinker (and the book states if you can’t do it then abstain…).

This is an excerpt from a book I picked up a long time ago and read front to back (and where I first got the idea of trying to do a 30 day AF streak). I highly recommend it:
“Responsible Drinking – A Moderation Management Approach for Problem Drinkers”

In the chapter that speaks to taking a break from drinking – it speaks to the urges that we all get…. Here’s a quote from one of the entries “The urge passes. That is a guarantee. No matter how strong, how tempting, how deviously convincing, the urge to take a drink to relieve the stress will pass. But that sense of pride, of strength, of self-worth will not pass. It will stay with you and make you even stronger”

Now I have to totally agree with this above quote – because I have now lived it and I know the satisfaction of NOT giving in is a way better feeling than caving and having those drinks and how I feel the next day. There is no comparison!! And these distractions can help you when you are craving ‘foods’ or anything else that will hinder your success towards your health goals.

So here’s their 3 dozen ‘Distractions’ to take your mind off the urge and point it in a healthier direction:
1. Take a walk.
2. Take a drive.
3. Do exercise at home or go to the gym.
4. Go jogging.
5. Listen to favorite music.
6. Telephone a friend.
7. Clean out the garage.
8. Cook something interesting.
9. Go to the library or bookstore.
10. Work in the yard.
11. Clean and polish the car.
12. Take a shower or bath.
13. Read the newspaper, a magazine, or a book.
14. Drink something nonalcoholic.
15. Get a video.
16. Write a letter or e-mail.
17. Plan your next vacation.
18. Make up a grocery store or hardware store shopping list.
19. Go shopping or window-shopping.
20. Plan on redecorating a room.
21. Clean out the refrigerator.
22. Have sex.
23. Go to a driving range.
24. Pay the bills. 
25. Make up a household budget or plan future finances.
26. Check stock market action and look for investments.
27. Talk to your children.
28. Get a haircut or manicure.
29. Get a massage.
30. Work on a sewing project.
31. Start a journal.
32. Look into your geneology on the Internet.
33. Visit a friend.
34. Get the snapshot collection in order.
35. Make popcorn.
36. Start a woodwork project.

Let’s add our own ideas to this thread and keep this going!! Below I’m adding one of my favourites… 

Add ons to the above list… De-Clutter a drawer, closet or shelves.Take a nap. 

What other things can you add to this list of ‘things to do when Wolfie comes calling?’ – I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m going to be closing off this BIG day 27 for me!! It was a tough one but I am damned proud for not caving in!! Soooo close to that infamous 30 days that I have not been able to do in years – not gonna mess up now!

7 thoughts on “Things to do when Wolfie comes calling

  1. Elle says:

    I was going to say sex, but there is was, #22

  2. bizi says:

    write a blog and read other blogs!

  3. Great list! I would often play a game on my phone, windex the counters and windows, and/or eat a handful of jelly beans. Sometimes I’d even just sit at the kitchen table and feel the feelings and wait for them to pass, or go to the bathroom and just cry.

    Congrats on making it this far! 30 is right around the corner–you got this!!!

    – Christy

  4. I think that actually reading that list is a good one – it’s so long! The last one could be “Read this list over again!”

  5. Pray. Go to meetings. Talk to another alcoholic.


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