Thinking of Next Saturday

Well today I was thinking of next Saturday – the MOVE day and how I’ll be picking up drinks for my helpers and of course there’s some thought about me having some too. Why is this so hard. I re-read my post from yesterday and I was so strong in my resolve, acknowledging that I can’t be a moderate drinker and have to abstain, yet these thoughts are creeping in. 

The voice – Wolfie or the Goblin – whatever name you want to give it. I hate it!! I know it’s because I’m still early in the game and I pray that my resolve to have that booze in hand and offering it to my helpers won’t lead me to temptation to have a drink myself. It will be a true test of my resolve and it means I’m going to have to blog and email a LOT this week to stay focused on my sobriety goal. 

I want this. Getting through next Saturday without a drink will be HUGE. I am praying for strength to get me there!

3 thoughts on “Thinking of Next Saturday

  1. bizi says:

    I have a suggestion….put water in one hand then a beer in the other and offer both that way water is an option for them. and you will automatically have water in your hand if they take the beer.
    here for you

  2. cin says:

    Can you just imagine how PROUD you will be of yourself and your daughters too. and what a great feeling that will be. Coming on here and saying I DID IT!!!! I DO”T DRINK!! I can do it. Cos I know you can, I know it will be hard, but not impossible. Like me making trays of sweets and going somewhere and sitting staring at them.
    There will be lots to do, so while they have a drink and cool down, talk to them but keep busy, empty some boxes etc. Also can I ask, are these guys aware of your I don’t drink stance and would they be willing to say have pizza and pop if you approached them. I wonder if you said you know guys I really don’t want any booze in my new house, I am turning over a new leaf and showing the girls you don’t need booze, would you mind if I got pizza and pop. Never know if you don’t ask… I just putting it out there…… HUGS an you will manage!!!

    • losedabooze says:

      I have told them I don’t drink anymore but will not forego getting them their drink of choice. I can’t avoid ‘life’ and booze just because I don’t drink and I don’t want to push my own lifestyle on others. My home will be AF for me – but it doesn’t mean company can’t have drinks.

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