First Day 1 after Hawaii

I’m back and completing my FIRST day AF again after daily drinking since the completion of my 2nd 100 Day Challenge. I have NO REGRETS with my going back to having drinks as it was my holiday time and I made a conscious choice and did not overdo it and felt completely OK with where I was at.

But today it’s back to work and back to my health routine. In 13 days I gained back 13 pounds and 8 inches – because of daily drinks and no real workouts. So today is Day 1 for my workouts and back to my daily Shakeology and healthier eating too!

I’m pumped and motivated … even though I know it’s going to be harder with the summer months around the corner and many patio days or pool side events. My biggest desire – to FEEL GOOD when I go to my Beachbody Coach Summit in New Orleans in July and also to feel amazing when I attend my step-daughter’s wedding in August.

I will achieve the 300 days (or more) as per my group… and Better definitely is Better even if I am not completely sober – I am certainly changing my life with every new challenge!┬áIf you’d like to join in – send me a message on Facebook and I’d be happy to tell you more or add you to our private / closed group – which by the way is the most incredible group of over 140 people changing THEIR lives and living in healthier ways!

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