Thriving in Sobriety (Day 19 AF)


I’m behind in the readings of The 30-Day Sobriety but the lessons learned are being practiced daily and I’m finding myself noticing the positives of Thriving in Sobriety and thought I’d share some as a reminder (if not just for myself to look back on when I get down or have wicked cravings)…

  • Being sober means I do more – am more and simply feel more – my productivity skyrockets, opportunities arise and I don’t miss out on them because I’m sober and clear headed and even passionate about taking on new things as I strive to find ‘new’ habits and daily practices that will support my thriving in sobriety!
  • Being sober means I can drive anywhere I want – when I want – spontaneously.
  • Being sober means even though I didn’t get a good night’s rest, I’m not hit with a double whammy (including the lack of rest with a hangover or that day after feeling even with just a few drinks)
  • Being sober and not hungover means I don’t have the crazy day after EAT junk food binge and thus I stay on track with my health plan more
  • Being sober means I am braver about trying new activities (attending my FIRST live hockey game last night), paint nights without the booze
  • Being sober means looking at the weekends as an opportunity to do more as I have more time being off work
  • Being sober means planning to maintain my healthy routine through the weekend despite the social activities surrounding drinks – I am planning my sober way
  • Being sober means being able to deal with stress with a clear mind
  • Being sober means dealing with migraines in a rational manner (get sleep/rest instead of drinking to numb it out)
  • Being sober means making better decisions in all areas of my life

While being sober doesn’t mean I’m perfect and I still have cravings and temptations and vices (sometimes turning to food when I’m trying to be AF). The point of this 30 day Reboot is to simply take that time to re-evaluate my drinking patterns. I know that I don’t want to continue down the same path as I have been the past 12 years. My future and my NEW ME is better, brighter and super successful! I want to be sober to welcome that!

I will enjoy drinks again – but with a new view on what it’s all about and knowing that this thriving in sobriety stuff is pretty cool and actually catching on more and more. Life is GOOD and it gets better every day!


2 thoughts on “Thriving in Sobriety (Day 19 AF)

  1. Cherie says:

    I like this. Its true. But I’m still not working out, physical problems, but I could do other stuff. But because I,m not drinkig the wine, I crave sugar at nite. Haven,t kicked that yet. Congrats Helene!
    Been af all week, Just been mod, the 2 weekends in Feb. AF in Jan

  2. Meg. says:

    great reminders. no drug or substance beats sobriety.. it is the ultimate bad-assery. it means daring to face anything, anyone, any circumstances, without any defenses. it’s choosing to face life, whatever it hands you, without hiding behind false confidence, slurred words, fake friends, etc. nothing beats true clarity. on the days i feel like drinking, i remind myself that each day i’m sober is a TOTAL badass feat.

    thanks for sharing <3

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