Time for Change


Today is Day 3 of being AF again. Getting back on the AF wagon – well I won’t lie, the first day was really tough. My nerves were screaming at me begging to have some alcohol to calm them but I stuck it out and now that I begin day 3, I am feeling much better. I had the slight temptation yesterday when I went out on a date – he ordered a cooler and I had my club soda and lemon.

As per my previous blog – I’m recommitting to a dry spell again. I’m not going to put a number on it but perhaps more like taking a break from drinking – or ‘in between drinks’. I know there will be many challenges as it’s summer, it’s hot and I have MANY social outings which all involve alcohol.

So as the poster says – some things are the same in that the voice in my head is still there and I’m still working on quieting it but my life overall is changing and moving forward. So far this year, I’ve re-invested in mySELF and getting out more – going on dates, networking, dancing, zumba classes, volunteering. What remains is the draw or pull back to the daily drinking once I start and so I am still working on the relationship I have with alcohol.

When I explained to my date that I was not drinking and taking a break he asked ‘why’ – and I said just to feel better/healthier. He then said ‘there’s nothing wrong with it so long as it’s not done excessively’ and there in lies the issue for me. When I have one – I can’t stop at the recommended one or two. NO – it’s like when I have one the tap is opened and I say, well I may as well go for it and drink way over what is healthy or even moderate.

I think my biggest motivator in doing this latest dry spell is that I honestly want to be healthier – and leaner – and alcohol will NOT get me there. I have to make this decision… to move ahead with the goals in life that will make me feel better and I know that right now in this heat and humidity and the bloat I have on from the booze – well it does NOT feel good. And so it’s time for change.

It’s July 1st – the 2nd half of 2014 and I plan on making it even better than it has been so far. There have been some great things so far in 2014 as I mentioned above and including my wonderful trip to Barbados. I’m excited about getting back on track and seeing what the next half will bring. I have stepped up as President for my association so I need to stay focused. I am also determined to add another certification to my qualifications. And so it’s time to FOCUS. It’s time to quiet ‘da booze voice in my head and get on with more important things in life.

Here’s a great quote that I found today and I thought was quite a propos… I HUNGER for a lean, toned, healthy body and seek the balance mind/body and spirit.

Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. ~ Les Brown


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